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Patient Testimonials

Check out what our patients are saying about their experience with us!


"Dave carefully figured out the cause of my dizziness and balance problems and took the time to help me overcome them.  I am steady on my feet and back active doing the things that I enjoy." - BB

"Dr. Dave, thank you for helping to keep me running and training with the adjustments of my back, feet and ankles.  With your help, I was able to "make the team" and now am a D1 college track athlete.  Thank you!" - LS


"I was fearful of chiropractic and the "crack".  I sat down with Dr. Dave and he explained an alternative gentle chiropractic technique with the use of an instrument.  Activator adjustments help me be headache free and my ear pain is gone!" - PB


"Thank you for your help.  In just 6 weeks, I lost over 30 pounds and have kept it off.  I feel great and am very happy with the new me.  It was great to lose the weight quickly without medicine or protein shakes." - WS

“Thank you for helping me recover after my car accident.  My headaches are gone and my neck feels so much better.” - AG


​“With your help, I am back to working full duty.  An on the job injury can be a life changing and depressing experience, but you helped me through it and my low back feels stronger than ever.” - WM

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